Information about speeding ticket

A speeding ticket is the most common traffic infringement that is committed by people all over the world. According to statistics, more than 60% of the drivers have already been issued speeding tickets, at some point in their lives. This is a whopping number, especially considering the number of vehicles that are plying on the roads nowadays. A speeding ticket is also the least contested traffic offence. Most people prefer to accept their offence and pay the fine, rather than undergo the trail process and on an average, the fine paid by speeding offenders is $120.

More than 50% of the speeding ticket offenders are repeats; they have already been issued a speeding ticket earlier and have either paid he penalty or contested it. The repeat offence status is a good indicator of the type of drivers on the road because it is also understood that approximately 90% of the drivers on any given day, break the speed limits during the course of the day. Most of them do not get caught but that does not take away the fact that they do indeed break the speed limits on a daily basis. Only one tenth of the speeding offenders are caught and issued with a speeding ticket.

Teenagers and young people constitute the majority of the people who get issued with a speeding ticket. People belonging to the age group 17 years to 22 years, are the primary offenders and the alarming fact is that most of these offenders are repeats. Young people not only drive fast, they continue to do so even after getting caught. Men account for approximately 80% of speeding tickets and amongst these, 95% percent of them pay their fines without contesting. Women do not get that many speeding tickets; they either do not get caught or do not over speed (more likely the latter). But, women do not accept the offence even when a speeding ticket is issued and more number of them will go ahead and contest it.

Speeding ticket offences are also the primary source of revenue to the government, when compared to other traffic offences. The fines imposed are very steep, especially for repeat offenders and they are also the least contested of all traffic offences. Statistically, two out of every ten drivers are issued a speeding ticket everyday while actually nine out of these ten break the speed limit.

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